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Age: 40

Home world: Earth (Terra)

Once an engineer, William spends most of his time keeping the Thunderstryke functional, holding down the fort and wishing time would slow down with him. He enjoys "classic" rock and rocking out when the kids aren't around to witness it; as he is very attatched to his grumpy facade after decades of perfecting it like fine wine. The young'ns can get on his nerves, but he would do anything for the Thunderstryke team. He's outgrown a lot of the mayhem of his younger years, but can keep up with the others nonetheless. Likes: Layla, funny patches, memes, and relaxing. Dislikes: uneccessary noise, the willfully ignorant, Bad People™ and clowns. 



Age: 26

Home world: Ulaar

Born on Ulaar, but raised in space, Hadrian is by far the friendliest of the Thunderstryke team, and the tallest. He is also a legal American citizen, and Will's adopted son--according to the laws of Ulaar. Although he doesn't broadcast the fact, Will is very important to him, as is the rest of the team. When he is startled, spines go flying. Likes: sports, people, and sunlight. Dislikes: things that are structurally unsound, rude people, and cold cheese.


Age: 25

Home world: Earth

Certified Badass.
Devi first showed her interest in going absurdly fast in a metal death trap as a kid on a go-cart track, and then upgraded when she earned an internship in space on a cargo ship. Since then, she's not only become one of the best and boldest pilots, but an excellent shot with nerves of steel and sarcastic comments to match. Her reasoning for the bright reflective holster is aposematism, a warning to potential foes that she is dangerous, and definitely not worth the trouble. While she may seem cold at first glance, once you get to know her, Devi is quite friendly and has an excellent, if a bit dark, sense of humor. Likes: going fast, nerdy things, subverting expectations. Dislikes: Authority, paperwork, and traffic.


Age: 25

Home world: Earth

Originally from the high desert of Oregon, Garrett's natural knack for science and interest in medicine earned him a place in one of the galaxy's most prestigious medical school programs on planet Torkellis, where he excelled. However, he never finished the program due to his "extra-curicular" activities. Despite that Garrett still keeps up what he did learn, even though he can't technically practice medicine, he can still act as the Thunderstryke's medic when necessary. Despite his friendly disposition and unassuming appearance at first glance, Garrett is highly capable of defending himself and others so long as he isn't caught off guard. Likes: quiet time, video games, learning. Dislikes: hypocrites, anti-vaxers, messy labs.


Age: 24

Home world: Celedor

Val(din) grew up in Yyaldora, one of the oldest civilized hubs on Celedor and spent most of her free time with her friend Andor. Her fascination with the sky and the occasionally visible stars eventually led her down the path of astrophysics and astronomy, a rare thing on a planet that has constant cloud coverage. Although Val and Andor went down different academic paths, they are still close, and support eachother in the pursuit of their carreers. While Val tends to be quiet in unfamiliar situations, she is no shrinking violet, and is often insightful and very good at problem solving--usually with well placed laser bolts. Likes: puns, space, rain. Dislikes: willful ignorance, bad engineering, and flat-planet societies.



Age: 24

Home world: Celedor

Val’s best friend, old friendly rival, and possibly one of the biggest bookworms in the galaxy. He is fascinated with language, and as a result is fluent in several, including all the Celedor dialects and their ancient forms. Andor is also surprisingly stubborn and nearly unstoppable once he has his mind set on a goal, and has a knack for mischief and messes. While Val may be the better archer, Andor is the better tracker, and treats it like a language in of itself.  Likes: the outdoors, reading, language-based jokes. Dislikes: toxic competition, mistranslations, and social events.



Age: 67

Home World: Olia

Xill was born on a small farm on Olia’s satellite colony WIer. There he grew up learning botany, mycology, and all things survival before joining the Galactic Defense Force. Since then, he’s earned several awards, and eventually was appointed head of the science branch, and eventually liaison to Star Pioneer—much to his chagrin, initially. His cushy job was turned upside down when he crossed paths with the Thunderstryke; but he recognized their potential and unlike many of his colleagues, and understood that they were much more than the mistakes they made. He arranged for their records to be wiped, and pushes the team to do their best, much to their annoyance. Likes: yoga, country music, meditation. Dislikes: back-sass, space pirates, excessive heat.



Age: 40

Homeworld: Unknown

Captain of the Malevolence

A fun loving, boisterous and overall classy lady, Layla Bella is the first and last person you will ever want to trust in the galaxy. She’s one of the more famous space pirate captains, known for at least one confirmed mutiny, a disturbing love for explosives, and being generally feared by outlaw and law enforcement alike. Despite her reputation for mayhem and mutiny, she is fiercely loyal to her crew and has a soft spot for the Thunderstryke—so long as there isn’t a conflict of interests. As far as space pirates go, Layla is remarkably friendly, but is still dangerous and won’t hesitate to remind anyone who doubts it.
Likes: Explosions, Will, and dramatic entrances. Dislikes: Hypocrites, bad (worse) people, and mansplaining.